Money Token
Airdrop starts: 2019-01-22 Total value: 0.5 IMT Platform: ETH Ticker: IMT Total Supply: 104.749,553 IMT

The MoneyToken Exchange is powered by the Huobi Cloud and it shares one secure order book with it. By using this approach users can find liquidity whenever they are buying or selling crypto. MoneyToken have created a one-stop solution, where the Financial Services Ecosystem allows users to efficiently trade, exchange, borrow, or lend all in one place. Only the most tradable assets are listed on the exchange to ensure, you always get the liquidity for the assets you want to trade.

   1.Sign up to MoneyToken exchange using Phone or Email
   2.Go to MoneyToken Early Birds airdrop page
   3.Enter the email address you used, to sign up to the MoneyToken website
   4.Retweet tweet @moneytoken on Twitter
   5.Provide a screenshot of your first trade on the MoneyToken exchange.
   6.Complete all tasks above to unlock more tasks and earn extra entries into the prize pool.