Airdrop starts: 2019-01-12 Total value: 140 XCOYNZ + ref rewards Platform: ETH Ticker: XCOYNZ Total Supply: 1.250,000,000 XCOYNZ https://www.xcoynz.com/

XCOYNZ mission is to firstly assist the innovators and early adopters who have helped bring it thus far and secondly enable the waiting majority to easily enter this exciting space for that inevitable critical mass shift with a simple to use, fast and cost-efficient blockchain- based payment and trading ecosystem. Those who have an intimate understanding of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain concepts can relate to examples in history of uncertain infancies that, despite early resistance went on to change our world. They have the vision and conviction to not only be involved with the biggest changers of history, but also to become an active catalyst for this change.

   1.Go to the XCOYNZ Airdrop page.
   2.Submit your details to join the Airdrop.
   3.Join XCOYNZ Telegram Group and Channel
   4.Similarly complete other social tasks.
   5.You will get up to 140 XCZ tokens.
   6.Earn additional 60 XCZ tokens for each referral.