Airdrop starts: 04/07/2019 Total value: 11.520.000 CRES Platform: ETH Ticker: CRES Total Supply: 18,000,000,000 CRES

Step-by-Step Guide Cresio round 4 Airdrop Register for the Cresio Airdrop, by creating an account. Verify your mail, Log in to your account. Go to Airdrop 4, 2019 on your dashboard & Perform the social tasks below. Visit Cresio website and subscribe to the Newsletter. Follow Cresio on Twitter & Retweet the last post, make a positive comment, name 3 friends and add hashtags #Cresio #multiexchange. Follow Cresio Founders on Twitter: Alfredo Simon & Arturo Jiménez Muñoz & Daniel Pons Ayala, David Maeztu & Marcos Paredes. Join Cresio on Telegram & Make a positive comment. Make a comment about Cresio project on AirdropAlert post. Subscribe to Cresio on YouTube & Push the bell.