Global Crypto Allaince
Airdrop starts: 11/11/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: GCA) Total Supply: 777,000,000

Step-by-Step Guide:

Create an writer account on Write an article or post a blog on Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn and share in social media. Tag #gcnews_io #GlobalCryptoAlliance #erc777 in each post. Each additional article will 2x your chances of winning (do not publish on same platform). Follow GCA & GCNews on Twitter and Like/Retweet their tweets. Submit all links of publications to [email protected] with the same ETH address that your registered with. A reward pool of 100k CALL tokens ($2000) will be distributed evenly among all qualified members. Winners will be announced before 29th of November and CALL token prizes will then be distributed. 10 Individuals with top 10 best articles will win (each) 10k CALL tokens and their articles will featured on by week after the CALL token begins to trade on Nov 29, 2019! To better understand the ecosystem, watch one of the following videos: Video 1 (English): ( Video 2 (Arabic): (

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