LocalCoin Round 2
Airdrop starts: 19/08/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: LLC Total Supply: https://localcoin.is

Step-by-Step Guide:

Start chat with LocalCoin Telegram Bot. Pass the human Captcha. Join LocalCoin Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (Mandatory) Follow LocalCoin on Twitter, retweet and comment. (Mandatory) Join the LocalCoin Discord. (Mandatory) Download the LocalCoin Wallet and enter your LocalCoin username. (Mandatory) Join Black Label Telegram Community. (Mandatory, +10 LLC ) Watch this Youtube video and Subscribe their Channel. (Mandatory, +10 LLC ) Complete other optional tasks to earn extra LLC tokens. You will receive 140 LLC ($70) tokens for completing all tasks. You can also earn 20 LLC ($10) tokens for every successful referral.