Airdrop starts: 03/07/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: PBK Total Supply:

Step-by-Step Guide PlasmaPay Airdrop Chat with the PlasmaPay Airdrop Telegram bot. Answer bot’s simple questions. Join PlasmaPay Group and Channel on Telegram. Follow PlasmaPay on Twitter & retweet the last post. Like PlasmaPay on Facebook & Make repost in the group. Follow PlasmaPay on LinkedIn. Subscribe to PlasmaPay on Reddit. Register on PlasmaPay for a wallet address and send your registered Ethereum Plasma wallet address to the bot by using the /plasmawallet command. You can find it on your dashboard under 'crypto' and 'Ethereum'. Follow the steps given by the site. Submit your details to the bot. You will receive 250 PBK tokens, which will be distributed in August 2019. Share your referral link to earn 25 PBK tokens for every referral.