Airdrop starts: 2019-02-13 Total value: 1,500,000 MOOLYA + ref rewards Platform: ETH Ticker: VELT Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 VELT

Velic will provide access to the crypto-finance arena for prudent investors, including institutions. The VELIC suite of crypto-financial services will include Asset Management, Loans and Vault Services. The platform will be tied together by the VELIC crypto exchange.

Velic is airdropping 25 ICX coins and 1,800 VELT tokens to their new users. Create an account at Velic and complete your KYC verification to receive your coins.

Airdrop 1: 1800 VELT

   1.Visit the Velic website.
   2.Join their Telegram group.
   3.Submit your details and signup.
   4.Verify your mail and log in. (+500 VELT)
   5.Set up OTP. (+150 VELT)
   6.Complete your KYC verification. (+1000 VELT)
   7.Subscribe to their newsletter. (+150 VELT)
   8.Post your proof of participation to this Bitcointalk thread.
   9.You will get a total of 1800 VELT tokens.

Airdrop 2: 25 ICX

   1.Visit the Velic website.
   2.Submit your details and signup.
   3.Verify your mail and log in.
   4.Complete your Level 2 verification (SMS or Google Authentication). (+5 ICX)
   5.Complete your Level 3 verification (Passport KYC). (+20 ICX)
   6.You will get 20 ICX coins.
   7.There’s also a lucky draw in which 16 lucky participants will get a share of 40,000 ICX tokens.