Verasity Triviata
Airdrop starts: 14/10/2019 Total value: $10k in VRAB tokens Platform: ETH Ticker: VRAB Total Supply: 10,800,000,000

Step-by-Step Guide:

Create an account on VeraWallet. Download Triviata app for Android or iOS Store Now register on Triviata with your VeraWallet email. Click "Competitions" "Verasity competition" see the popup and join now. To earn the most crystals, click on the Earn More button and choose offers from the Offer Wall To switch Offer Walls for more choice of Offers, close the Offer Wall and click on 'Earn More' button again. At the end of the contest, they will contact you by email with your prize and send it directly to your VeraWallet.