Vid (Raffle)

Airdrop starts: 12/07/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: VID Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 VID

Step-by-Step Guide: Make a Youtube video on “How to buy VID tokens” in your native language. Key languages they’re interested in is English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Hindi. Publish the video on Youtube. Join their Telegram group and submit the link to your Youtube video. The competition will end at 11:59 PM LA Time 15th of July and the winner’s name will be announced on Wednesday 17th of July. For more information regarding the Youtube video competition see the pinned message in the Vid Telegram group. The rewards will be distributed as mentioned below: Prizes Rewards (VID) First Prize 5000 (~$1500) Second Prize (Two Winners) 3000 (~$900) Third Prize (12 WInners) 1500 (~$450) Five random participants 500 (~$150)