Airdrop starts: 2019-02-12 Total value: 187 WUG Platform: ETH Ticker: WUG Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 WUG

WatchUGot combined the crowdfunding components of GoFundMe with the social aspects of Facebook and Instagram on a blockchain. WatchUGot allows users to create and participate in fundraising initiatives for meaningful causes, while being rewarded with real cash-value in the form of our WUG tokens. Our legacy (non-blockchain) version of WatchUGot is already live and available for download on Google and Apple marketplaces.

   1.Download the WatchUGot App on iOS or Android
   2.Signup with your details.
   3.Verify your mail.
   4.Login and Click on “Create Challenge” and share your Challenge with your friends.
   5.Join WatchUGot Telegram group
   6.Follow them on Twitter
   7.Now, Submit your details to this Airdrop form
   8.You will credit with $15 in WUG tokens.