Airdrop starts: 22019-01-02 Total value: 50 ABB + ref rewards Platform: ETH Ticker: ABB Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ABB

ANBI is a global digital trading platform established and operated in the Republic of Seychelles, which has introduced a sophisticated CRM system based on big data into products and services. This system can conduct in-depth analysis according to user portrait and dig out the real needs of users, so as to improve accurate and effective personalized customer management services. Also, ANBI will give most of the tokens back to the ABB holders who will receive daily dividends of up to 135% of their transaction fees. ANBI Exchange has officially launched a mobile APP version for IOS and Android.

   1.Register for the Anbi Airdrop, by creating an account. 
   2.Note: for your password, only use letters and numbers.
   3.Verify your mail & login to your account. 
   4.Click on Verification from your dashboard & Complete your KYC.
   5.Share your referral link to earn 30 ABB for every referral. Click on Recommend Method from your dashboard for your referral link.