Crypto APIs
Airdrop starts: 17/05/2019 Total value: 1.000.000 API Platform: ETH Ticker: API Total Supply:

Step-by-Step Guide Crypto APIs Airdrop Register for the Crypto APIs Airdrop, by creating an account. Verify your mail, go to your dashboard & click on Airdrop on the left side. Join Crypto APIs on Telegram & write a meaningful comment. No spam allowed. Follow Crypto APIs on Twitter & retweet the pinned tweet. Like Crypto APIs on Facebook & write a review. Follow Crypto APIs on Github. Add the Kryptonize Plugin to chrome & review it. Upvote Crypto APIs on Product hunt. (optional) Submit your details to the Airdrop page. Refer friends and earn 1 API per referral, with a maximum of 10 referrals. For your referral, click on Referral link in the left menu.