Airdrop starts: 2019-01-22 Total value: 1 WOWX + ref rewards Platform: ETH Ticker: WOWX Total Supply: 185,000,000 WOWX

WOWX will commit a percentage of revenue taken from trading fees to incentivize users to invite other traders to trade on the platform. Users can invite others via a referral code unique to them and those who successfully invite others to trade on WOWX will receive a share of the invited person's trading fee as a bonus. WOWX will be integrating a hardware technology that functions as a portable, secure storage device, which may be furthered to include a cryptocurrency-spending function soon. Your card also reflects different membership tiers. Grow your membership account and earn cashbacks with our different tiers of benefits.

   1.Start chat with WOWX Telegram bot
   2.Join WOWX Telegram group
   3.Click "/setwallet" and submit your ETH wallet address.
   4.You will credit with 1 WOWX token.
   5.Earn additonal 0.5 WOWX for every referral.