Airdrop starts: 15/05/2019 Total value: 600,000 KOZ Platform: ETH Ticker: KOZ Total Supply: https://kozjin.io/

Step-by-Step Guide Kozjin Airdrop Chat with the Kozjin Airdrop Telegram bot. Click on command /joingroup and join Kozjin on Telegram. (+ 1 KOZ) Go back to the Airdrop bot and click on command /participatekyc. Go to the Kozjin website, register for an account & complete KYC, go back to the bot and submit the same email you used on the site by clicking on command /submitemail. (+ 1 KOZ) There is an error at the moment when you want to register on the site, Kozjin team is working on it currently. Keep an eye on their Telegram and complete this step when it is fixed. Click on command /setwallet and submit your ETH wallet address. Share your referral link to earn 0.5 KOZ tokens for every referral. Click on command /referfriend for your own unique referral link. You can check your status by clicking on the /mytokens command.