Airdrop starts: 12/08/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: MC Total Supply: 10,000,000 MC https://minglechain.com/

Step-by-Step Guide: Chat with this Telegram bot. Download the Minglechain app (Android/IOS) and use referral code nb1dzj while signing up. (Mandatory) Rate the app 5 stars in Google Play Store or Apple Store. (Mandatory) Pass human verification test. Join their Telegram group. (Mandatory) Now download the Ontology App for Android/IOS and use referral code XMD3T7FC2GGN5 while signing up. Connect the Ontology wallet to Minglechian app from the referral page. (Mandatory) Now complete the remaining optional tasks. You will get a total of 170 MC tokens. Also, get 25 MC for each referral. Round 1 participants can participate in Round 2 but cannot do the “Download Minglechain” task. Minglechain has moved on to Ontology Blockchain so Round 1 participants need to submit ONT address into the bot to claim the tokens from the first round.