Airdrop starts: 13/05/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: OZI/AGVC Total Supply: 500,000,000 https://ozinex.io/

Step-by-Step Guide: Go to the Ozinex Airdrop Form. Create an account on Ozinex Exchange and complete KYC process. (Mandatory, 150 AGVC + 80 OZI) Join Ozinex Telegram and AGVC Telegram group. (Optional, 50 AGVC + 20 OZI) Like Ozinex Facebook and AGVC Facebook page. (Optional, 25 AGVC + 20 OZI) Follow Ozinex Twitter and AGVC Twitter. (Optional, 25 AGVC + 20 OZI) Comment on Ozinex BitcoinTalk and AGVC BitcoinTalk threads. (Optional: 50 AGVC + 30 OZI) Submit your details to the airdrop form. You will receive 170 OZI ($17) and 300 AGVC ($3.4) tokens.