Airdrop starts: 05/06/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: SaTT Total Supply:

Step-by-Step Guide SaTT Airdrop

Chat with the SaTT Airdrop bot. Join SaTT on Telegram. (Mandatory) Create an account on the SaTT dashboard & verify your mail. (Mandatory) Log in to your account and set up a wallet password on the pop-up that will appear. Click on 'Referral' on your dashboard and submit your referral link to the airdrop bot. Follow their advisor Alexandre on Twitter. (Mandatory) Complete human verification. You've earned 600 SaTT tokens so far. Follow SaTT on Twitter and retweet the last tweet. (Optional, + 150 SaTT) Like SaTT on Facebook and share their last post. (Optional, +150 SaTT) Submit your details to the airdrop bot. Complete all tasks to earn a bonus of 100 SaTT tokens. You will receive in total 1,000 SaTT tokens. Share your referral link to earn additional 150 SaTT tokens per referral.