Airdrop starts: 06/11/2019 Total value: n/a Platform: ETH Ticker: VERA Total Supply:

Step-by-Step Guide: Download the Triviata App. Create an account at VeraWallet. Install the Triviata app and sign up using the same email you used to sign up at VeraWallet. Click on “Competitions” and then click on “Referrals competition” and click on the join now popup. Now go to your profile to get your referral link and start referring your friends. You will earn 10% of all the crystals your friends earn for life. Top 100 referrers will get rewards as mentioned below: Ranking Rewards 1st Place $2,000 in BTC 2nd Place $1,000 in BTC 3rd Place $500 in BTC 4th Place $100 in BTC 5th Place $90 in BTC 6th Place $80 in BTC 7th Place $70 in BTC 8th Place $60 in BTC 9th Place $50 in BTC 10th Place $40 in BTC 11th - 100th Place 10000 VRAB in Crystals For more information regarding the giveaway see this Bitcointalk thread. Don't forget to join our Telegram channel, follow us on Twitter and subscribe our newsletter to receive new airdrops!