Airdrop starts: 02/07/2019 Total value:

500.000 YST

Platform: ETH Ticker: YST Total Supply: https://yoosourcing.com/

Step-by-Step Guide YOOSourcing Airdrop Start the YOOSourcing Airdrop Telegram Bot. Subscribe to the Email Newsletter & Verify your email. (+1 YST) Follow YOOSourcing on Telegram Channel. (+1 YST) Join YOOSourcing Telegram Group. (+1 YST) Follow YOOSourcing on Twitter & Retweet the Airdrop post. (+1 YST) Follow YOOSourcing on Facebook & share the Airdrop post. (+1 YST) Refer a friend to the telegram bot. (+1 YST per referral – Max 10) You have two options for getting tokens from this airdrop: